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White Wines
  1. Castle Rock Chardonnay
    $ 8/28
    Central Coast California Fairly light bodied wine with oaky soft edges and notes of lime, white peach and apples
  2. Gran Passione Gavi
    Piedmont, Italy Dry white blend with aromas of white flowers, lemon, green apple and a hint of almonds on the finish
  3. Peter Yealands Sauvigon Blanc
    Ripe notes of passion-fruit and guava, underpinned with aromas of fresh fruit and black currants.
  4. Caposaldo Pinot Grigio
    Veneto, Italy Light bodied with refreshing flavors of simple, crisp citrus and green apple
  5. Kendall Jackson Chardonnay
    Santa Maria Valley, California Medium balanced with aromas of apples, apricot and necteriune with a strong oaky finish
  6. Merlin Cherrier Sancerre
    Medium bodied with notes of citrus and a bright palette of mango and grapefruit. (Bottle Only)
  7. Vionta Albarino
    Medium-bodied with notes of citrus and a bright palette of mango and grapefruit

Red Wines

  1. Washington Hills Merlot
    Washington Coast Medium-bodied with notes of blackberry, plum and creamy cherries
  2. J. Lohn Seven Oaks Cabernet
    High-toned fruit signatures of black cherry, plum, blueberry, and accented with flavors of hazelnut and dark chocolate.
  3. La Playa Carmenere
    Colchagua Costa, Chile Oaky aromas of herbs and black cherry with hints of mint, black cherry and spicecake
  4. Block 9 Pinot Noir
    Willemette Valley, Oregon Full bodied red with notes of cherries, vanilla and orange rind with a smooth smoky finish
  5. Pendulum
    A red blend of Cabernet, Merlot, Syrah, and Malbec with notes of vanilla, plum, and fresh herbs.
  6. San Felice Chianti
    Tuscany, Italy A red blend of rich cherry, strawberry and nutmeg with smooth tannins and vanilla undertones.
  7. Calera Pinot Noir
    Spice-filled notes of red flowers, sweet cherries and rose petals with a smoky finish (Bottle Only)

Rose / Sparkling Wines

  1. Laurent Miquel Syrah Rose
    Southern France, blush red fruit forward
  2. Lunetta Prosecco
  3. Scharffenberger Sparkling Wine
    Bottle Only
  4. Sangria
    Ask server for seasonal options.
We carry 10 local and craft beers on tap which are constantly rotating with the seasons in order to offer you the freshest and most delicious beer for your meal!

We also carry and extensive bottled beer selection!

A beer sampler of any 4 draft beers served in 4oz flight glasses

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